Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mixed day.

The title says it all. It was a mixed day. It was a great morning with an amazing bootcamp a fabulous zumba and a nice walk around draper park. To top the greatness intervals were fantastical. I am starting to run more its awesome. Unfortunately right after the peak there was a drop. I found out that wednesdays pt will no longer be with michele. Lets get things straight michele is an amazing trainer. In my opinion she's the best at treehouse so whoever was moronic enough to think other wise is not ok with me at the moment. Second I gotta figure what to do with pt now because I am picky about who I pt with. Anywho after that I don't know why but I was pretty bummed out the rest of the day. I honestly don't know why its not like I'm not gonna see michele ever again she still works at treehouse and I practically live there. The day did get better when I went to broadview and wrote up my application to go to school there. It reminded me of my goals in life so now I am content and ready for a new day.
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