Sunday, November 28, 2010

Missing utah

Today was just painful. Not in a bad day kind of way but physically. I don't think.this surgeon realizes the amount of pain I am in. even walking this morning kind of hurt. At least I got somewhat of a workout in. I had a pretty lazy day other than that.i went to visit bekka at work, I have been working on my puzzle, reading my book, playing some brutal legend which actually is a fun game. I also started cleaning up my room. I got a lot of work to do. Tomorrow I shall finish. Honestly all I have been thinking about today is Utah. I miss it oh so much. I also miss working out. I am not talking about a little walk I have been doing that all week. I miss bootcamp! I miss being pushed beyond my limit and I absolutely miss running. I tryed working out hardcore all week but after ten minutes it just hurts.
On a fantastic note I saw Tangled! It was a great movie of course. Disney never fails it cheered me up big time. I should have seen it in utah with brad and katie but seeing it in sd with my little brother worked out pretty well.
5 more days I can't wait much longer

Till next time
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