Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little scared.

Let me go back in time just a few weeks. When I came back to utah. When I got back on the tread for the first time. It was fabulous I could do a whole lot more cardio and not feel like death. Go fifteen minutes into the perfect run on the tread and my opinion changes my smile drops for a split second and word pops into my head that I wont put on this blog considering I love my utahns to much to do that. Luckily it was only for a split second. I lowered the speed started walking and this pain went away. Now come to a few weeks later where my water in take is just a bottle a day ( I know its a shocker but it just happened for some reason), the pain comes back. This time around its not going away. Of course I got to tell Jen that its been going on for a while. I still think she is a little upset about me bringing it up a little later than I should have and that I havent been drinking water. So we talked to nurse rachelle ( who by the way I really miss) and we all agreed that it was dehydration. Now come to a week latet and I still got the pain feeling a little oozy and delusional so of course I got to tell Jen. Who had to text dr. barnett. So all day I am feeling out of it and in pain waiting till 330 this afternoon when I went to see him. All I got out of him was I have to go get ultrasound done. I am going tomorrow at 8:00 and yes will tell you all what happens. Now I cant workout much which sucks cause I want to do ab lab right now but instead I am doing nothing. Hopefully tomorrow I get good news and I can workout. If not might have to go back to sd a little early. I hope not. That is the last resort and I am hoping, praying that that is not the case. I am hoping it is just cause I have been working out to much. Anyways that has consumed my day.
So now I go back to what we talked about in group last night and I am thinking of 5 things I am greatful for. 1. Jen of course. I will say it a hundred times she is amazing. No one has helped me more than her the past few weeks.
2. Gamestop! I know I am a nerd but I got adams chanukah/birthday gift over there and it was a good distraction from everything
3. Books. I would be bored to death today if I couldnt read a book while walking on the tread.
4. Being in utah. Being here with the awesome cold weather, the awesome people and the terrible road construction really has been awesome.
5. Is this blog. Writing is theraputic. I may not be the greatest writer grammatically but I love to do it and to top it off I get to share whats going on with you all.
I really do like doing this 5 things I am greatful for. It might actually occur more often.
On to a small workout and thrn sleep.

Till next time
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