Monday, November 29, 2010


I went to LA with the mother and it was shockingly kind of fun. We went shopping for jewelry for her spa. I actually found something for myself. I got a chamsa necklace and bracelet and another braclelet that says change your thought change your world I figured after the past several months that this was a perfect bracelet to have.
Now this little bit is kind of a tip for real lifers out there. We went out to lunch at this persian restaurant actually really yummy. I had fish rice and israeli salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon, evoo) now I stayed pretty clean except I had this issue of no matter how full I was I felt like my body was missing something after scarfing down to much israeli salad I drank a bottle of water.and felt ten times better. So before you scarf down to much food remember to drink water it does wonders.
I got to chat with a couple people from utah today which is great! It's almost like being there for a moment in time. Thanks for staying in contact with me.
The day is almost over and I only got thirty minutes of a work out in and to top that off I might be hanging out with bekka tonight so maybe I can add in another fifteen minutes in somewhere.
I am kind of running out od things to all so.. Till next time
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