Friday, November 12, 2010

I dont know what to call this one.

Watching cop out at the moment with the real life gang for rachelle's last Night here. I really am gonna miss her. Today was great! Worked out like always reading the second book of diary of a wimpy kid which is good. At the chiropractor today shanna was there. It made being there a whole lot better. Went to the zoo amd it was great. Not as awesome as the first time but still really awesome. Fyi cop out is hilarious. I am still watching it. I can't stop laughing. I would quote it but considering that mt friends here in utah read this blog I will keep it to myself.
Today I learned two things I don't like. 1. Fern is being put to sleep. She was amazing dog. 2. I was reminded of the fact that I missed grandpa dave's unveiling. Heres what you need to know about him. He's not really my grandpa buy he sure acted like he was. The man taught me how to play basketball and always told me how proud he was of me, what more could I ask for. It has already been a year without him.
Luckily cop out is cheering me up. So I got to keep on warching.

Till next time.
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