Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going home gratitude and going back to the old game plan

Todays day was good. Did bootcamp cardio read this awesome book. I also did spin which was fun and intervals with michele which was hard but good. Afterwards I went to costco and gamestop for a much needed outing. I realized a few things today the first is I really am terrified of going home. Why am I scared? Well for one thing I have holidays,a birthday, a wedding, and a trip to vegas which all scream food relapse. I know I can survive it but there is always that fear of failure, another reason is well not something I am going to get into on this lovely public blog of mine. I am trying to think of the positives of going home and thats helping. I get to see bekka and chili pepper, licorice and puma when I get home. I get to celebrate many great things next month and it will be really good for me to be home in january.
Second thing I realized was in group today. We talked about gratitude. I am so thankful for being here and being upset at little things has clouded that. I do get a little overly stubborn about things. Its the one thing about myself that I love but sometimes I got to step away from it a little bit. I will tell you what I am thankful for when thanksgiving comes around that is way to long of a list right now.
The third and final is that I got to set my goals. The only way I know to succeed in life is if I have a purpose to succeed. I put all my goals that I had last time I was here on the backburner which hasnt helped me. Tonight I figured I need some goals but I honestly didnt know what they should be. Then I remembered these goals that I had and working so hard to get to them so I will go back to that.
Those are my three revalations of the day.
Inbetween I got some help from both Jens. I got this awesome quote that really put a smile on my face tonight from treehouse Jen. And well mama Jen is always an inspiration to me. I truly dont what I do without her here. Even her lectures make my day a little better.
So tomorrow is a new day with a new/old plan.

Till next time
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