Thursday, November 4, 2010


So I am on my way to an entrance exam for broadview university. I was supposed Be there at 4:00 and it is now 4:50. I feel like an idiot! I am a very forgetful person but when I forget about Things like a test at 4:00 it hits me hard. Luckily this place is awesome. I called straight away and they just told me to come at 5:00. I never had such a good day turn sour so quickly. Today was a great Workout. An hour and a half bootcamp led by Adam which was hardcore, zumba, cardio with a little sherlock holmes, kickboxing, and a little ab workout of my own and a little relaxing in the comfy chair in Shanna's office. I also hung out in the juice tree talking about religion. After that I went to target and around 4:22 I nearly ran out of the store about to steal some post its because I just remembered that I was supposed to be at broadview taking a test. Now I am at broadview waiting for a computer to open up. I am a little nervous. I guess I shall tell you all how it goes after the fact via facebook.

Till next time

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