Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Epic mickey

Pretty great day today!! I went to gamestop traded in some games for epic mickey collectors edition it is an amazing game! After that I went to a nutritional store that they opened up by cowles mountain it's pretty awesome. The guy who opened up that one was telling me how he lost over 100 pounds and thats why he opened up the place. He's a great guy and that store has just about everything I need so I think I am going to go there more often.
The one negative of the day is the loss of an important piece of paper that I need for tomorrows pre surgery meeting hopefully that pops up somewhere tonight.
Right now I am at vine ripe for the first time since they made it a market place its so different! It's useful though, anytime I need good pita or any middle eastern food I know where to go.
Tomorrow night is channukah so you all have to stay tuned for that blog. It will be a fun one

Till next time
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