Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cowles mountain

Slept in till 6:30 today. I know its not that amazing to most but it is to me. After that I was at the spa all day. It wad fun not really productive though. At three I hiked up cowles mountain it was great made it to the top and all. Its no rock living room but it was amazing to do it. Just knowing that I couldnt 6 months ago really makes it that much better.I did feel way to dizzy afterwards but it was worth it. After that I went to banbu it was delicious but I am starting to get sick of eating out. I wanna start cooking but I havent gotten the chance to. All I want is some good pita pizza or that mexican rice bowl from the live the life book its been calling my name
I texted Jen today which made my day. Hearing how great her vacation is puts a smile on my face. I miss mama Jen and everyone in utah. Tomorrow is thanksgiving so I am definitly cant wait to write tomorrows blog on that.

Till next time

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