Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday

Today is the Day after thanksgiving and to most shoppers it is known as black friday. let me tell you a little secret about myself. I really am not a shopper. Last night my mom had a brilliant idea that we should wake up at 3 in the morning and go to macy's. After nearly 25 years of living hear she wanted to wake up for the first time for black friday. I had to come with. not that I said no in the first place I actually said yes. I thought it would be cool to experience it. I was a little wrong. you wait in semi-cold weather which means my mom was freezing the entire time then you are shoved into macy's by a croud of people who are trying to save a buck or two. NOw we chose macy's cause I got to get something nice for a wedding I am going to in a few weeks. which means we really should have just gone straight to the clothes but we didn't do that we went shoes first. My mom has a shoe addiction. so she had to and plus I do need shoes. anywho we found a cute (yes I said cute) pair of shoes for the wedding and some comfy michael cores slippers for a night of movies and hot cocoa. it took like an hour to actually get the shoes because there was like 100 other people trying to find shoes and somehow they had no shoes in my size. at this point I was just tired and bored and frustrated at the fact that that took way to long. We finally made it to the clothes. found some black pants that are nice. SIZE 10 by the way I was stocked about that! we couldn't find a top or really anything for the wedding so it was kind of a failure but I am sure we could find something later on in life. We couldn't end there though. my mom had to go to express to find these shirts that my mom has been eyeing for a while they were 40% off so my mom totally had to get them. there we also found another pair of jeans and a suit jacket for Adam. and finally the cold got to her so much that we had to bail out early.
the rest of the day was pretty chill it was more shopping but for stuff I actually like. I walked to Gamestop and back which is atleast two miles maybe more one way. At gamestop I got a huge deal! three used games and a reserved Epic Mickey for just 37 bucks. I love black friday deals that work to my advantage!
this is where my day gets pretty awesome! we went to Uncle Larry's house with the maman kids to see this amazing little mini disney show he made. it was amazing I do have a video but I do want to edit it because as awesome as my phone is the video still isn't that awesome. the show was spectacular. Larry is a genious and should be working for disney. he is truly the only person who loves disney more than I do. I look up to him all to much for that.
after was lunch with the mamans at Nicolosi's which I forgot how terrible it is. I tried so hard to stay clean and I think I did a pretty decent job but I could feel the oils from every dish around me there was so much! but thats chill it was a fun lunch and luckily I had a small breakfast.
finally the last thing I did today was go grocery shopping with Adam. it was fun we first went to costco where we spent way to much time at because we go through every isle wondering if we need anything and we found some pretty awesome books but I didn't get any cause I still need to finish the Genesis Secret which just gets more intense every chapter. after that we went to von's because I needed to get some pumpkin puree! for those of you who can guess what I would be doing with some pumpkin puree please do cause I am using it tomorrow morning. I am so excited can't wait! I also got a bunch of other healthy things so I can stay on the right path. I still plan on getting to my goal before I go back to Utah. If not that then just continue to lose weight. I have made myself a promise that I won't go back to what I was so healthy food stuffed in the fridge.
For dinner today I made a turkey salad. left over turkey with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish, spinach and this new dressing I found at windmill farms apparently there is no calories, no sugar, no fat nothing yet it doesn't taste bad but I don't know if I trust it. now since I don't really have a car so I can't run off to bekka's tonight I shall be going to bed early so goodnight to all.

Till next time

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