Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ok so before I tell you about my puzzle problem. I have a little OCD problem with puzzles. I love puzzles. I can't live without them and no one touches the puzzles I am working on. Today after waking up early making breakfast and planning on leaving the house my eyes caught an unfinished puzzle. It is a 3D globe. So I figured whats the harm in finishing it. As I put in the pieces I realized it was unfinished because who ever was working on it put all the pieces on wrong so he had some pieces left which means I had to completely restart it. While colpletely tearing down this puzzle my momcalls me up and tells me that my puzzle at home has been messed with. Of course I can't be mad because it was just maya and eitan the cutest little kids ever but it made me wanna work on the puzzle even more so thats what I did until I got a text from lili asking if I wanted to carve some pumpkins. I sat there a few minutes looking at my puzzle having a little panic attack cause I know I have to say yes because I want to but I really also want to finish the puzzle. I ran out the door before I changed my mind. The entire day I have been thinking of this puzzle. Even having lunch With kimber and steff I was thinking about this puzzle which is why I ran back to the house and worked on the puzzle till a little before dinner time. And now I am at dinner writing this blog thinking about this puzzle. I know this sounds a little obssesive. Hence my issue but I can't help it.
There is not much else to say about today it is halloween and I really want bekka here with me but now that I have this puzzle bekka would probably just be annoyed at the fact that I am working on the puzzle to much. Can't wait till tomorrow hopefully working will get my mind off of this ridiculous puzzle.
Hope everyone is having a great halloween.
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