Monday, October 25, 2010

Hitting a wall.

Today was a monday for sure. Its funny cause coming back I am going through the whole pattern of being at real life for the first time. This is the third week which means I have hit my wall. Trying to figure out how to get passed it but today was hard. There were fun times that helped out. I did bootcamp first for the first time, which was fun and so were intervals fyi I got to 9.0 today! And kimber took the most ridiculous pictures of me to be honest they are way to.embarassing to put up but I have to put one up so I shall attempt to do that. Shanna time helped it always does somehow no matter what we are talking about I always end up laughing. With all that when it came to working out on my own I couldn't do it. It was probably because i am a little bummed that I really cant figure out how my plans for halloween will work I really want it to for some reason but I think I gotta give up and try to find a party in utah. One last thing it totally snowed last night!! I got to wake up to snow on the grass which means my first legit winter has begun. I do have the picture to prove it.
Ok so the lesson of the day for me which I already know it just has become more apparant lately. I need a love life. I have know idea how or when that will occur but hopefully I will figure it out.

Till next time
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  1. dude the mountains look awesome, i was thinking back to i think my first or second day in Utah where I woke up one morning and I was like fifty something more days to go and Jen was like you probably dont want to start counting down already...and there I was ready to go shorts and a t-shirt with my ear buds in expecting heat in the am and instead it was snowing out!