Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween in Utah.

Today was fabulous. Weighed in, ate my weekly sandwich went to costco and today is the day before halloween. For those of you who haven't been to Utah yet there is something you should know. When a holiday like halloween is on a sunday it is usually celebrated the day before or after. So today in Utah it was halloween. I had a great halloween I bought candy and opened the door to trick-or-treaters who luckily took all the candy. I also went for sushi with some real lifers which made a great dinner and a laugh. To top it off steff and her family came over to watch interview with a vampire. Yes it was the first time I have seen the movie and yes I am a little ashamed of that fact. It was a great movie. I also got to see brenna and her kids. They came trick-or-treating it was awesome. I really do love halloween. Best part is seeing the smiles on the kids after you give them candy. My mission is to make next year even better.
By the way happy halloween to everyone. I hope it is just as great for you as it was for me.
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