Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ok so before I tell you about my puzzle problem. I have a little OCD problem with puzzles. I love puzzles. I can't live without them and no one touches the puzzles I am working on. Today after waking up early making breakfast and planning on leaving the house my eyes caught an unfinished puzzle. It is a 3D globe. So I figured whats the harm in finishing it. As I put in the pieces I realized it was unfinished because who ever was working on it put all the pieces on wrong so he had some pieces left which means I had to completely restart it. While colpletely tearing down this puzzle my momcalls me up and tells me that my puzzle at home has been messed with. Of course I can't be mad because it was just maya and eitan the cutest little kids ever but it made me wanna work on the puzzle even more so thats what I did until I got a text from lili asking if I wanted to carve some pumpkins. I sat there a few minutes looking at my puzzle having a little panic attack cause I know I have to say yes because I want to but I really also want to finish the puzzle. I ran out the door before I changed my mind. The entire day I have been thinking of this puzzle. Even having lunch With kimber and steff I was thinking about this puzzle which is why I ran back to the house and worked on the puzzle till a little before dinner time. And now I am at dinner writing this blog thinking about this puzzle. I know this sounds a little obssesive. Hence my issue but I can't help it.
There is not much else to say about today it is halloween and I really want bekka here with me but now that I have this puzzle bekka would probably just be annoyed at the fact that I am working on the puzzle to much. Can't wait till tomorrow hopefully working will get my mind off of this ridiculous puzzle.
Hope everyone is having a great halloween.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween in Utah.

Today was fabulous. Weighed in, ate my weekly sandwich went to costco and today is the day before halloween. For those of you who haven't been to Utah yet there is something you should know. When a holiday like halloween is on a sunday it is usually celebrated the day before or after. So today in Utah it was halloween. I had a great halloween I bought candy and opened the door to trick-or-treaters who luckily took all the candy. I also went for sushi with some real lifers which made a great dinner and a laugh. To top it off steff and her family came over to watch interview with a vampire. Yes it was the first time I have seen the movie and yes I am a little ashamed of that fact. It was a great movie. I also got to see brenna and her kids. They came trick-or-treating it was awesome. I really do love halloween. Best part is seeing the smiles on the kids after you give them candy. My mission is to make next year even better.
By the way happy halloween to everyone. I hope it is just as great for you as it was for me.
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween at treehouse

So today at treehouse we got to dress up for halloween. So I bought a pirate hat a sword and some fake tattoos. I went in with my basketball shorts a tank and my costume stuff. I loved it and luckily everyone else did to. I love halloween. When else will I be able to work out with a pirate hat. Fyi I am getting so much better at my push ups!
I also went to gardners village which was nice, cute and only lasted a couple hours but it was nice to go out and do something different and plus Sage was with us and she always puts a smile on my face. My prediction is that she's going to be a runner like her parents. She was bookin it to just about everywhere. Her costume by the way is so cute! She's a little kitty for halloween.
I also have to tell you about my buddy Luke. Luke is a two year old boy here in draper who comes to treehouse with his mother. I got to meet him my second week in utah. I was on the couch by the fish tank crying in pain cause of my knees and this little boy ran up to the fish tank. He needed a stool to reach the tank and I so happened to be using it to rest my leg. I had to help him out and give him the stool. He had a huge smile on his face which was contagious. After that I got a massage and was good to go. Most people in pain feel better cause of the massage but I felt great because this little boy smile was on my mind. This week I have been bummed out because I was in pain. Today I got to see luke. He didnt exactly have a smile on his face but he was still cuter than ever (especially since he had his costume on). After that I was working out like there was no pain. I even jogged a little bit. I think thats my lesson of the day. You need something or someone thats gets you motivated for the day. Even if it's just a simple smile from a little boy excited to see the fish.

Till next time
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Driving in the snow

This morning I woke up early wanting to go to the gym early. As I opened the garage door I saw snow everywhere. It was Snowing! Yes I am still excited about the snow. After two seconds I realized I had to drive in the snow. I was a little scared but I did a pretty great job. I really do love the snow here I am sure that will all change sooner or later but for now I totally feel like I am in a disney movie.
Today was still tough. Knee is not getting any better. In fact I Think its gotten worse :(. I had to walk out of jen's spin. I haven't done that since my first week here. And to top that off I didn't go to second pt. I gotta figure out how to fix this. Not working out is killing me.
I decided to go Laser tagging after having a tough day at the gym and it was so worth it. It reminded me of how awesome it is to have fun in utah. I am slowly getting back to being me here.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My knee!!!

 Today was dedicated to the physical and emotional pain that was brought by my lovely knee. to be exact the pain is coming from my IT band in my left knee. before I continue on about today let me give you a little brief on what the IT Band is. The IT band is a  band of fibers that runs on the outside of the thigh. it goes from the hips to the knee basically. Now if you overuse or down right just work out wrong your IT band can be inflamed. By the way I totally just looked this stuff up. Anyways, I myself have pretty weak IT bands that get irritated by the slightest movement. because of this my knee hurts on a regular basis.  I am actually used to feeling the pain all the time but somedays are worse than others and this day was definitely one of those days. I tried doing bootcamp first thing this morning which was a huge mistake. Bootcamp set the entire day. Adam made me leave early because I was in way to much pain. after icing I spent the day doing semi decent. I went to zumba and greg's super circuit but I just couldn't give 100% which bummed me out. Of course for some reason I had to go to raising the bar after that. I went for Jen and Kimber cause they went and well who wouldn't want to see the two of them in raising the bar. anywho little did I know that it wasn't the smartest choice. I had to stop once again before it ended because I was in way to much pain. this time I believe there were even a couple tears involved. after that I was pretty much just dead. I couldn't really do anything up until 2nd pt. which I had to go to because today lisa was doing pt and she is amazing at what she does. she got me to do the hardest ab workout I have ever done without killing my knee to much. that unfortunately was my last workout of the day. I really couldn't do much after. What did I do instead? I hung out with Kimber. Now after a pretty bummed out day because of this beautiful knee of mine hanging out with Kimber was just what I needed. a good laugh oh and of course pictures which I think I am going to try to make that one of me my profile picture for my blog still thinking about it. that was pretty much my day except for one awesome thing that occurred today. A total disney film moment when all of a sudden it started to SNOW!!! while limping around I saw snow and got so excited that I did my funny limp run outside. it was spectacular. I even have a video it's kind of lame but I am a little ridiculous like that. I am trying to post the video but for some reason it is an epic fail. I have to get used this blog thing and maybe tomorrow I will post it.
Back to raising the bar for a moment and that picture up top. today while in pain a huge grin was on my face. I heard Down by Jay Sean. I did a funny little dorky hand move that hopefully no one saw. It's something me and Bekka do all the time. for those of you who don't know  that song always puts a smile on my face. now for the picture: Bekka has Two amazing dogs and an amazing cat (chili, licorice and puma) the picture is chili. I miss all three of them  and Bekka. I have been trying to sneak down to SD for this halloween weekend because what is halloween without friends? it isn't fun thats for sure. Of course to get me to try harder Bekka sent me this awesome picture the other day. wouldn't you want to snuggle up with a little puppy like that? So now all I can think of is the fact that I will not be snuggling with chili or do the little dorky hand thing with Bekka.
 I do have to finish this post on a good note because somehow I still feel good about life so the lesson of the day is;  Snow is awesome and so is everyone in Utah which I kind of already knew. To add to the lesson that I already know: life even with everything going wrong is always amazing. I am in Utah with friends and I am experiencing life like never before. so with everything in my life that seems to be going bad there is more going right.

Till next time

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hitting a wall.

Today was a monday for sure. Its funny cause coming back I am going through the whole pattern of being at real life for the first time. This is the third week which means I have hit my wall. Trying to figure out how to get passed it but today was hard. There were fun times that helped out. I did bootcamp first for the first time, which was fun and so were intervals fyi I got to 9.0 today! And kimber took the most ridiculous pictures of me to be honest they are way to.embarassing to put up but I have to put one up so I shall attempt to do that. Shanna time helped it always does somehow no matter what we are talking about I always end up laughing. With all that when it came to working out on my own I couldn't do it. It was probably because i am a little bummed that I really cant figure out how my plans for halloween will work I really want it to for some reason but I think I gotta give up and try to find a party in utah. One last thing it totally snowed last night!! I got to wake up to snow on the grass which means my first legit winter has begun. I do have the picture to prove it.
Ok so the lesson of the day for me which I already know it just has become more apparant lately. I need a love life. I have know idea how or when that will occur but hopefully I will figure it out.

Till next time
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

my 1st blog

After months of writing my status on facebook and being unable to tell you all just about everything I did in I day I decided that things had to change.  I decided that a blog would be semi-appropriate for a full tell all of what is occurring in my life. I can't guarantee that I will do this on a daily basis because, well let's be honest I don't have the most exciting life out there but I can promise you that I will warn you all via facebook when I do right a blog.
I guess I should introduce myself before getting to the boring stuff. My name is nicole. I grew up in San Diego I am in Utah now trying to figure out what I am doing in my life and I think it's going pretty well. I am a video gaming nerd and I am obsessed with all things disney. I have found a new love for working out here in Utah and a love for writing grammatically poor essays about my dull life.
   I should tell you about my day. It actually wasn't that amazing today. I bought winter clothes which is amazing on my part cause honestly a girl from San Diego buying clothes for snow isn't normal. I also cooked up a yummy lunch it was just pasta with the left overs from last nights chili. I did work out a little today but I probably shouldn't have because this week is leg week.  I have also been trying to figure out what to do for halloween. I have an amazing plan but it seems like it might fail. if you all have any ideas I wouldn't mind some help.
   I am trying to add something I learn each time I do a blog today the one thing I learned is that it gets extremely windy in Utah. I don't really know it thats significant but it's what I learned today.
  since today hasn't exactly ended yet I don't really know how to end this blog but I guess I can end it by saying that there will be more entertaining blogs coming and that I hope you enjoy atleast a few of them.

Till next time